Replacing Your Sagging Gate with a Pacific Gate Works Custom Wood Gate

Replacing Your Sagging Gate with a Pacific Gate Works Custom Wood Gate

Your home's outdoor front gate serves as a welcoming beacon, guiding visitors and residents alike into your backyard sanctuary. However, when that gateway begins to sag or deteriorate, it can detract from the charm and security of your property. Fear not! In this guide, we'll walk you through the process of replacing your sagging gate with a Pacific Gate Works premade gate, effortlessly blending beauty with functionality.

Craftsman-style gate enhances stucco walls, blending metal and wood in elegant architectural harmony.

Assessing Your Current Gate and Support

Before diving into the replacement process, take a moment to assess your current gate. Is it sagging? Are there signs of rot or decay? Understanding the extent of the damage will help determine if a replacement is necessary.

Next, evaluate the existing support structure for your gate. Are the posts sturdy and upright, or do they show signs of instability? If the support system is compromised, it may be necessary to replace it along with the gate to ensure longevity and functionality.

There are a variety of popular gate support methods to consider.

Our Recommended Support Options

For optimal support of our wooden walkway gates, we advise attaching the provided jamb boards to either a 5.5” x 5.5” wood post or to masonry columns, such as concrete block, brick, or stucco. In the case of using a freestanding wood support, it's critical to ensure it is suitable for exterior use and securely anchored in a properly sized concrete footing. Ideally, the post should extend at least 18”-24” below ground level, while the concrete footing should have a minimum width of 16”.

Freestanding posts and sturdy masonry columns offer diverse structural solutions.


Buying a Pacific Gate Works Wood Gate

Replacing your sagging gate with a Pacific Gate Works (PGW) gate is a breeze. Here's a step-by-step guide to the process:


1. Explore

Begin your journey by exploring the array of handcrafted wood gate styles offered by Pacific Gate Works. From classic to contemporary, there's a design to suit every aesthetic preference. Elevate your gate with optional copper cap decorative accents and protective finishing options to add a touch of elegance and durability.


2. Measure + Order

Once you've selected your preferred entry gate style, it's time to place your order. Provide PGW with precise measurements, including width, height, and fit requirements. Whether it's for an existing opening or a new one, accuracy is paramount to ensure a seamless fit.

3. The Build

Sit back and relax as PGW's skilled artisans expertly handcraft your gate using traditional woodworking methods and premium-grade Western Red Cedar. Known for its durability and beauty in all climates, this high-quality material ensures your gate will stand the test of time. Crafting your gate takes a few weeks, a testament to PGW's commitment to excellence.


4. Delivery

Rest assured, your gate will arrive safely at your doorstep thanks to PGW's meticulously engineered packaging. Within a few weeks of ordering, your custom-made gate will be ready to enhance your property's charm and security.


5. Install

While PGW doesn't offer installation services, installing your gate is a straightforward process suitable for both DIY enthusiasts and quality-minded contractors. Clear instructions are provided to ensure a smooth installation, allowing you to enjoy your new gate in no time.


6. Enjoy

With your Pacific Gate Works masterpiece in place, bask in its beauty and functionality. Minimal maintenance is required, similar to other outdoor wood products, allowing you to enjoy your gate for years to come. Explore PGW's inspirational gallery for ideas or contact them directly to discuss your project further.

Elevate your sanctuary: Transform your space with a bespoke wood gate from Pacific Gate Works.

Replacing your sagging gate with a Pacific Gate Works handmade gate is a surefire way to revitalize your entryway, enhancing both curb appeal, security and privacy. With a seamless buying and installation process, you'll soon be enjoying the beauty and functionality of your custom-made wooden gate.

Farewell to sagging gates and welcome the epitome of craftsmanship with Pacific Gate Works!

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