How Do I Make Sure My Gate Fits?

How Do I Make Sure My Gate Fits?


     Ordering a new outdoor wooden gate may seem complex, but it's manageable with confidence.  This guide helps you measure and specify your door accurately for a perfect fit.

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Specifying the Opening

Begin by specifying the dimensions of your new wood gate's installation opening.  Measure the width between the masonry, wood, or steel supports for your gate attachment.

Determining the Height

Let's delve into specifying your door's height.  Height is the gate distance from bottom to 'shoulder' as shown.  Jambs extend 2" below the gate bottom; trim during installation if needed.

Choosing the Appropriate Thickness

 Our walk-through gates offer 2 thickness options: 1 1/2" or 2 1/8". Choose per aesthetics and home style. Thicker gates are quite popular and eye-catching, and enhance the looks, security, and durability.  The choice is yours; both options work.

Selecting the Correct Hanging Orientation

  To decide left or right-hand swing, stand outside, facing your entrance.  Left hinges mean left-hand gate, vice versa.  Street swing doors open outward, yard swing doors open inward, ensuring convenience.
     Ignite design inspiration by exploring our walkway gate designs, and for guidance or questions contact us. 
     Our team assists you at every stage.  
     Happy gate shopping!
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