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We build exclusively with Western Red Cedar,
a superior choice for natural outdoor products.

Western Red Cedar is
legally and responsibly
. Less than
1% of timber is harvested
each year and re-planting
practices ensure the forests
will exist for years to come.



A video about Western Red Cedar:

Western Red Cedar,
sourced from the US and
Canada is our material of
choice. An exceptional
outdoor building product,
cedar's natural tannins help
preserve its character,
quality and long-lasting
. Cedar is chosen
also for its dimensional stability,
weather resistance and rot
resistance. It is naturally
resistant to decay, insects
and weather
Starting with the highest quality raw materials
ensures the beauty and durablity you expect.
Every board we use is
hand-selected from our
stock of clear grade,
kiln-dried lumber
Kiln-drying is a time-consuming
and expensive process that
reduces the moisture content
of the wood, thus reducing the
expansion and contraction
experienced during years
exposed to the elements.
Kiln-dried cedar has greater
dimensional stability
over time.
Our skilled craftsmen
will build your gate using
time-tested construction
techniques and only the
finest in materials and
workmanship to create
a piece that suits your needs
and satisfies your desire for a
unique, beautiful passageway

Gates are constructed
from a blend of vertical
and flat grain lumber.

Tonal variation is a natural
characteristic of real cedar
products. It can not be
avoided and is not considered
to detract from the overall
appearance of the finished product.

With your gate order you
will receive detailed
design documents
review and approve prior
to production. This ensures
your gate will match your
specifications exactly.

Heirloom quality craftsmanship and time-tested construction techniques pair to create entry gates of unmatched elegance.

Standard thickness for Garden and Pedestrian gates is 1-1/2".
This can be upgraded to 2-1/8".
Standard thickness for Driveway gates is 2-1/8".
Custom thickness are available, contact our custom shop for more information.

Panels are constructed with
that 'float' within the framework
of the rails and stiles. This
prevents stress at the joints
that would result from normal
expansion and contraction of
the wood due to weather changes.


Tongue-and-groove slats
prevent unattractive gaps
from appearing and prevents
during use.

The wood frame is
assembled using
mortise and tenon



Interlocking construction
eliminates the need for visible
fasteners while increasing
gate stability.

Many unique deigns
are available in standard
and custom sizes.
We also build custom designs.
Send your ideas and dimensions
to our custom shop for a quote.

Finished gate edges
have a 3/16" bevel.

A variety of metal art
options such as castings,
welded bar and precision
profiled steel provide
excellent design flexibility
and character. Metal art
options are finished with
a protective double powder
coating. All-wood designs
are available too.
Utilizing the strength of steel our driveway gates are engineered to last.
When needed for
additional support, a
steel frame
is integrated
with the gate design.
Typically only visible from
the back, the steel frame
enhances the longevity of the gate
by preventing sagging.

Most driveway gates utilize
the "L" Style frame.
It is used on driveway gates
between 10-14' wide.

Driveway gates over 14' require
the Rectangular steel frame.

Gates can be operated
manually or with an
automated system.
If ordered unfinfished,
be sure to apply a
suitable finish on-site,
prior to exposing your
gate to the elements.
A quality finsh and appropriate maintenance is essential to
prolonging the life-span
of your new gate.
A variety of professional
finish options
are available
to protect your gate
from the elements:

* Oil-based penetrating stain (4 colors)
* Exterior spar Urethane (clear coat)
* Exterior grade paint
(custom color matching available)
Additional Information:
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