What All's Included?

What All's Included?


     Are you considering installing a wood gate between existing or new openings. Look no further! Our wood gate kits provide everything you need for a hassle-free installation process.  Rest assured, it's simple and easy too do. Let's explore what our comprehensive kits have to offer.

wooden backyard gates

Security In Every Detail

     Each kit includes a security latch that can be operated from both sides with ease.  Simply lift the ring and turn it to ensure your gate locks securely.  Latch complies with pool code inspection standards, ensuring safety.


Hinges That Fit Perfectly 

     Included with every order are hinges that fit in precision pockets in the gate and side jambs.  They seamlessly blend with the gate, ensuring a visually pleasing appearance.  While our standard hinges aren't self-closing, they can be swapped for self-closing hinges to meet pool code requirements.


Precision Fit and Finish

     If you provide us with the rough opening dimensions, we will customize your gate to fit precisely within the space, ensuring a perfect fit.  Expect a standard 2-inch gap underneath the gate for convenience. 


Solid Gate Support

   We supply cedar jambs, but you're responsible for the gate's support.  Choose between masonry or wood, depending on your preference and project requirements.


     In summary, our wood gate kits offer a complete solution for your gate installation needs.  Explore our walkway gate designs.

Contact us if you'd like to discuss your project further, and let's make your wood gate installation a breeze.

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