A True High Quality Wood Gate Product

A True High Quality Wood Gate Product

What’s a custom gate design compared to what’s offered on your website? We often get asked this question because all our products are custom. Let’s start by describing the gate designs we offer online. We have 7 different design collections currently, all of which are offered in different sizes, heights, and profiles (not to mention all the accessories, stain and hardware options you can add onto your gate). With all these options combined, believe it or not, we have 3k+ variations.

Wood Gate Designs Tailored To You

The collections available online are the most popular designs we’ve discovered over the years. We also continue to add and innovate new ideas into different collections since we know design changes and evolves over time. We often have customers see an inspiration on Pinterest or Houzz and use this as their inspiration for us to design, engineer, and create their dream gate. We love this very custom side of our business and will always try to accommodate all our customers. We get excited about innovating and creating new designs to fit the dream and style you have in mind.

Our Design Through Your InspiratioWhat happens after you find an inspirational gate design? When you discover a design you like, we’ll ask all the right questions to find out what size of gate you’ll need for your opening, and any other hardware or accessories you’d like. From there, our sales team puts together a custom quote that’s sent to you via email. You then checkout online, and we’ll process your order. This is when your order goes to our custom design department.


We create shop drawings based on your photo or the inspiration you’ve provided. We’ll account for any hardware, jambs, etc. to make sure your gate fits precisely in your opening. Let us do the math for you! If there’s something you want changed on your drawing, you’ll work directly with our design staff on a revised drawing. If everything looks great, then you’ll approve your drawing. We’ll then send you an estimated ship date and our craftsman will begin work on your totally custom gate!

Do you have more questions about our custom design process? Feel free to call or use our contact form. Or, fill out our custom quote inquiry form to get your custom quote today! Contact us to subscribe to our blog.

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